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Game Plan Goal Setting Guide 2013

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I’m obsessed with goals. Through my work with clients, being surrounded by accomplished people, and my own trial and error, I’m continually developing a goal setting process that’s applicable both professionally and personally.

In 2013, I published the worksheets from my annual invite-only goal setting brunch on this website as a free download. It included an intro to the processes that have worked for me, my clients, and those I consider a success – both in business and in life.  My motivation? I want all of us to be successful; we are happier when we are in touch with what we really want right now and pursuing the path to get there.  We are more kind, inspired, generous, and our truest selves.

This and much more appear in my new book, Game Plan: Achieving Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business. Order it now and share with those you know who need a swift kick in the strategy.