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Don’t Tell Yourself You “Can’t”

If you only learn a thing or two from this blog, please retain this: inner dialogue dictates your experience in the world.

Tonight I met a former performer still searching for her perfect new career passion.  The stories she told about why she wasn’t there yet were peppered with can’ts.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  Looking for something that lights you up while you feel like you’re wasting your time clocking hours can just completely suck.  But it’s nearly impossible to flip into a place of positive forward movement if you dwell on the reasons you “can’t” get there.

When Darbi makes us do push-ups and squat thrusts in class, she yells: “Don’t tell yourself you can’t, tell yourself you can!”  Sometimes the only way I can get through ten is to whisper “Yes!” each time I push up, or even “Thank you!”  I’ve come to notice that there’s a split second before I do any challenging move, from an arm balance in yoga to running faster in a race, where my mind decides whether I can do it or not.  So as much as I’m working on building my fitness, now I’m also working on changing my concept of what is possible for me.

You guys are smart, I don’t have to plod through the parallel to your professional life.  Just start to notice where you feel frustrated or blocked, and whether changing your mind or reshaping your speech can propel you forward instead of holding you back.

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