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Pregame Magazine

Introducing Pregame Magazine, my new content site dedicated to redefining success in life, work, and community.

I’ll be posting my latest articles on strategy over on – please join us on the new site!

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New HuffPo: The Benefits of Business Gratitude

My latest article on The Huffington Post explores the profound benefits of a simple “thank you,” including business etiquette guidelines for taking care of your best contacts. Check it out here!


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Game Plan on Business Insanity Talk Radio

This month, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by fellow entrepreneur Barry Moltz on his show Business Insanity Talk Radio. We discuss the crucial parts of your business Game Plan and debate the value of sports metaphors in business.

My segment is below, and here’s the entire show. Enjoy!

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AM Northwest: How to Build Your Business Game Plan

Last month, I had the great pleasure of being a guest on Portland’s morning show, AM Northwest!

Fun fact: it wasn’t my first time on the show. I was on 19 years prior to promote my high school musical. #Winning.

I spoke with host Helen Raptis about Game Plan, the myth of overnight success, and why shows like “Shark Tank” give entrepreneurs the (wrong) impression that all they need is a great idea to be successful.

Watch & share!


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Audio: Game Plan Interview on The Conscious Consultant Radio Hour

This month, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Conscious Consultant radio hour. Host Sam Liebowitz asks me about my journey to writing Game Plan, including my origins from an entrepreneurial family, my former performing career, and what it takes to achieve focused goals. Listen here!


Part 1 | My Story

Entrepreneurial Influences, Former Performing, and the Pressler Collaborative Business Model

Part 2 | Game Plan

Authentic Goals and Developing Your Action Plan

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Work Smarter: Game Plan Event at The Yard NYC

Last week, I had the pleasure of co-hosting WORK SMARTER, a launch event to celebrate The Yard’s new Lincoln Square location and to give NYC entrepreneurs the resources they need to build strong businesses in 2015.

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Guest experts led Q&A breakout sessions, including Pia Silva (Brand), Laurie Marshall (Legal), Seth Dehart (Sales), Jeremy Schwartz (Websites), Claire Burns (Email Marketing), Tiffany Pham (Content), Erika Miller (SEO), and Sharon Schanzer (Design).

Special thanks to event partners The New York Times, Emma, Squarespace, SoulCycle, Brooklyn Brewery, and Flatiron Wines!

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Goal Brunch 2015

Last Sunday, I had the honor of hosting my annual New Year’s Ladies’ Goal Brunch in New York City.

As always, it was an incredible group of women who are working on remarkable things in their New Year: producers, entrepreneurs, performers, mothers, coaches, and more.

Huge thank you to all who attended, and for helping me celebrate Game Plan!

View photos here.

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Introducing Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business – On Sale Now!

Game Plan has arrived! My second book combines all my past New Year’s goal setting guides and best content to deliver a comprehensive process for clarifying your goals, taking action, and overcoming obstacles.

Get the workbook now on Amazon, and stay tuned for the digital edition, extras, and special events!

Ciara Pressler Game Plan

Disclaimer/Fun Fact: The new cover is black, but don’t worry, it still shines.

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Partner Jam: When Partnerships Go Wrong (4/4)

Partner Jam wraps up this week with perhaps the most common concern. Jeremy and I ask each other (and answer): What happens when parterships don’t go as planned? Is there any way to save the relationship?




There are (at least) two ways for a partnership to go wrong. One is where the parties don’t deliver what they were supposed to deliver or deliver the wrong thing or deliver the right thing at the wrong time. The other is where everyone does their part but the deal doesn’t deliver the benefits that the partners were hoping for.

The only way to deal productively with missed deadlines or deliverables is to be clear on timing and specs before the partnership launches since nothing can be objectively “late” or “wrong” without deadlines and standards. At some point in the deal process the parties need to lay out in writing what will be delivered and when. Having clear benchmarks will simplify conversations about whether things have gone wrong, what can be done about it, and how to value any specific misstep.

If a deal is not generating the type of value that the partners anticipated, the first thing to do is test the assumptions that were made about the deal in the face of real-world facts. If you identify a deal component that’s not working as you assumed it would, you can try to come up with fixes. If all your assumptions were right but you actually failed to identify a component, you can try to come up with fixes for that previously unknown component and, as a bonus, you’ll learn something valuable about your business.


Do the exact opposite of what people normally do. In other words, deal with it proactively. It’s important not to be accusational or make assumptions. Instead, ask questions like:

  • When do you expect xyz to happen?
  • Is there anything you need from me?
  • Is there any reason why we couldn’t finish that by the end of the week?

Make sure your partner has all the information as early as possible in the process, whether it’s assets to design a webpage or being aware of your client’s expectation for the project.

Can’t get enough? View all Partnership blog posts!

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Partner Jam: Determining What You Have to Offer in a Business Partnership (3/4)

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time again for Partner Jam! (cue applause)

This week, Jeremy and I spar on partnership equality. When you’re creating a deal with a valuable partner, it may feel like you don’t have enough to offer, but the solution is to get creative. Take a second look at your resources to increase your value and leverage a better partnership.

What are some low-cost or low-effort things you can build into a deal, especially when it seems like you don’t have anything to offer in return?


Deal sweeteners will always be case-specific but there are a couple things to keep in mind as you try to think through what might work.

Remember the cereal aisle. Grocery stores put a lot of time and thought into how they arrange their shelves. For instance, kid-friendly products are at kid-eye level which makes them more likely to be picked up and bought. The lesson is that a partner’s performance can be strongly influenced by decisions entirely within your discretion and control. Offering the partner some influence over those important decisions is a truly powerful deal sweetener.

Concierge service. Everybody likes to be treated like a VIP so look for ways to treat the partner or the business opportunities they send your way in a special way. This could range from high-touch on-boarding to a higher level of customer support to early access to new features.


Connections are always your most valuable asset. A single introduction could lead to an amazing opportunity. Everyone has connections – put yourself in your partner’s shoes and think through your contacts: who might be able to help them move forward? And of course, the best thing is to ASK: what do they need most?

Social media shout outs are always good trades that are easy to do and track. Comps to an event. Free baby-sitting. Just kidding. Well, kind of… I’ve done that before. Don’t tell anyone.

Last Week: Partnership Equality
Next Week: When Partnerships Go Wrong

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