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Alexander Skarsgård is Provoking Me

alexander skarsgard for calvin kleinImagine my NSFW delight when, on the way to the office today, I saw this ad featuring the heavenly Alexander Skarsgård on the corner of Houston & Lafayette, the legendary Calvin Klein billboard HQ. (Hmm, just across the street from the Soho gas station where Meekus dies in Zoolander… how far you’ve come, my reincarnated male model.)

But this ad doesn’t make me want to buy Calvin Klein stuff, it just makes me want to be reincarnated as Charlize Theron and also never watch an art film again.

Don’t misunderstand me, True Blood fans. It is always a good thing when we the people have more opportunities to see A-Skars, especially unclothed. And it was refreshing to have the CK Super Bowl ad for the ladies after object-of-my-hatred GoDaddy once again objectified/ignored women as a domain-buying demographic (more on that later).

Listen, I’m all for auteur filmmaking to promote brand awareness – more emerging artist/brand integrations, I say! – but this is so BMW-seven-years-ago.

And is a billboard even a good way to advertise an online video? I clicked, but after four post-Super Bowl days online, there are only 144K views. That seems low for that big of an ad spend.

While we’re talking YouTube best practices: don’t post the title of your video as “campaign” when it’s consumer-facing (let alone the internal-language CK brand channel description). It reminds me that you regard me as a consumer, not a viewer.

“Like convections, I rise.” Oh, did Maya Angelou write the script?

I just have a hard time thinking of Calvin Klein as black-label luxury when every time I walk into a discount department store, the racks are full of Calvin labels. They’re brand extensioned out. I mean, the price point of my go-to basic CK bra is like $36. That ain’t paying for no art film.

But you tell me: do the flaming mirrors of the desert make you want to buy a sheath dress – or grab a fire extinguisher?

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