"Ciara brought our company to the brink of perfection." - JA, Los Angeles

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Meet the Pressler

Ciara Pressler I’m Ciara Pressler, and my mission is turning innovative ideas into strong businesses and giving creative professionals career control.

I use deep and diverse experience with new and growing businesses to help people create their Game Plan: clarifying their vision and creating an actionable plan to get from where they are now to where they want to be.

My marketing collective Pressler Collaborative works with businesses and projects in entertainment, media, real estate, tech, finance, fitness, lifestyle, and beyond. Before I started PC, I led marketing and membership for Gen Art, a national organization supporting emerging artists in fashion, film, art, and music. At Capes Coaching, an entertainment industry career coaching firm, I led all marketing and co-launched their corporate training programs.

Before marketing, I was a performer – that career transition became the inspiration for my first book, Exit Stage Right: The Career Change Handbook for Performers.  I was in film, TV, and many stage projects, and even wrote and directed a play called “Marathon: A Comedy in 26.2 Scenes.”  Trust me, it was hilarious.

I continue to create content focused on sharing what I know about smart entrepreneurship and creative careers. That includes my webseries The Audience, my DIYPR Publicity Bootcamp, editorials, articles, my blog, and guest speaking at conferences, schools, and networking events.

I love to connect with entrepreneurs and creative professionals. If you’re moving past the idea stage and into implementation, I can bring insight based on experience. Drop me a line at ciara (at) ciarapressler.com.